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PINK your plaque

and brush it away

Given by HPB to all pri 3 children

Oral Kare Inventions:

World’s FIRST plaque disclosing toothpaste

World’s first B45 brush to brush gum line at 45*

10 Herb formula that ensures good oral eco system

For normal teeth, gum recession, bleeding gums, tooth decay, ulcers, sensitive teeth, dry mouth, loose teeth.

Teeth can repair but gum loss can only be prevented

1. Brush teeth at 45* to the gum line



B 45

B45 Brush    Normal Brush

2. Clean plaque completely each NIGHT

Plaque disclosing toothpaste is for night use - 25gm is 90 days supply

3. Use herbal toothpaste each MORNING

Concentrated toothpaste  ONE drop; 25gm = 90 days supply

HERBS: Neem, Clove, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Citrus, Holy Basil,

Thyme, Aloe Vera  Peppermint, Spearmint, Piper Betle

Results in Pictures

before/after 1-7 days

Shows Plaque                                      Shiny Teeth

Video Testimonials


It has deeply improved my gum hygiene and I'm elated to share this piece of good news with everyone! I not only resolved my dental problems but am also provided alternatives for me to achieve good oral hygiene. Overall great satisfaction with the product!  Justin Tan, Singapore

Love how my teeth feel really clean and how it gets rid of the plague even in places that are usually hard to clean when brushing our teeth Crystal Hong, S’pore

It exceeded my expectations, will definitely recommend to others Sherwinder Gill,

This product is really awesome! It keeps my teeth white and I don't have to worry about limiting my tea or coffee consumption, that will stain my teeth.

Karine Lau, S’pore

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World’s FIRST plaque disclosing toothpaste Launched in 2005 and most affordable

Stains plaque PINK - while you brush it away Developed with Health Promotion Board

Singapore ranks top with 0.4 DMFT index

Starter Pack will  reduce the following:

Buy for self, family and friends - Gift them oral health - They will love you for it!

gum recession              tooth decay

bleeding gum               ulcers

sensitive teeth             dry mouth

loose teeth                    gingivitis

B45 Special


100g Herbal


Morning use




Night 25g

The part of our body we touch most is the mouth, using our tongue

3 Steps to really clean teeth and good oral health