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US$1.00 per person to educate proper brushing habits

HPB School Dental Service, Singapore, education

Mission trips - oral care for children and adults

Mass Education 600 students in Batam, Indonesia

Those wishing to partake in educating people on proper brushing habits are welcome to contact us.

You may be part of a school, nursery, mission trip, NGO or a simple individual going places to educate - All Welcome.

ShoPlaq.com will offer you the proper brushing kit at the hugely subsidized price. For admin purposes, we only accept in lots of 100.

Email: SolveDentalProblems@gmail.com    

WhatsApp: +65 93802335

The tools

In August 2016, 600 children in Misi Bagi Bangsa School,

Batam, learnt proper brushing

at 42 seconds per child